Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 7-8 on the Road

Leaving Milford, Connecticut, we woke like usual, ate breakfast, packed up and hit the road. Our first stop was a few minutes away - the beach! Baby's first time!
The rest of the traveling through Connecticut was remarkably bland. So was the ride through Vermont, BUT we did feel the scenery was picture worthy. We almost felt at home being in the northern part of the Appalachian Mountains (note: the baby is not crying, she is unable to block the sun very well!)
We drove a few hours to a little town called Newport, VT. It is less than 8 miles from the border. The town was so small it made Lake City, TN seem like New York City! We rested as best we could and that ended our 7th day on the road.

Afterwards, we headed the few miles it took to get to the border. Crossing went a lot better than we could have ever hoped for (thanks for your prayers!) The guards were polite (that's Canadians for you, eh?), Adah was sweetly cooing, they didn't demolish our property, and it only took a little under an hour. Most of the wait was for typing up our paperwork! We paid our 250$ Canadian for our VISA's and drove the next hour to our apartment.

When we got to our apartment, we were greeted by some friends who helped us lug a trailer full of stuff up four flights! Thank you Harkonen Family and Matt! Ever since our arrival we have been going non-stop unpacking and setting up our little home/apartment! 

We conclude this entry on our journey to Canada with the obvious-we finally got our internet in the apartment. So now that we can blog, our next few will thoroughly bore you with mundane details of life in Canada and maybe one about our apartment! Thanks for the prayers and emails/Facebook messages of encouragement. We wouldn't be here without them!

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  1. Love the mundane stories you post! Thank you. Praying for you guys!! :)