Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Gorge of Coaticook

Our last field trip together as a group was a little over a week ago. As a group, we traveled to Coaticook to enjoy the natural beauty of the park. We took a long hike around the gorge and even crossed a suspension bridge! After enjoying a "pique nique" lunch we went to visit the "laiterie" were they make homemade ice cream. Coaticook ice cream is famous in Canada.
View of the suspension bridge from the hike
Suspension bridge
View looking down into the gorge
Gorge from the hilltop
The cave

The water was low
Beautiful view
Self photo during the hike
The water was low today
Ice cream manufacturing
A bite of heaven: maple ice cream with
maple taffy and maple bites!

Monday, June 17, 2013

BBQ with the hockey ministry

Friday was the annual BBQ with the hockey ministry where they close the end of the school year with a final gathering. It was so much fun to see everyone and have the opportunity to say good-bye with style. There were many games to play. Afterwards, we all enjoyed a dinner of hot dogs, chips, and juice. For a special treat, there was chocolate and vanilla cake. That evening, a Christian magician came in to show the children some fun magic tricks with a Christian theme. We didn't stick around that late since it was Adah's bedtime, but we heard how inspiring he was! 
We have been blessed to be a part of this unique ministry and hope it continues to expand each year. There are so many children touched by this program. I ask everyone to please pray for those involved with the program and pray that they will continue to find people to assist with the program each year.
Here are a few photos from the BBQ that you might enjoy. Please note how many children there are!:
Face painting
Face painting
Candy given by roller skating clown
Kevin the clown, who decided to dress the part
Water balloon toss

Monday, June 10, 2013

Le Village Québécois D'Antan

We had the privilege of going on another field trip this past week. It was so much fun! We went to visit the Old Québécois Village in Drummondville, QC. It is best described as an 18th-19th century (1810-1930) re-creation of a village. There is a blend of everything from those time periods of buildings, vehicles, and characters walking around to whom you can ask questions. We spent the day walking around, practicing French, and just enjoying the scenery. Here are a few photos from our time:
The village is complete with street names and signs
1917 Model T Ford in working condition, you can pay to take a ride
A gentleman in character demonstrating the
antique tools and their usage
Fromagerie, you can buy poutine cheese here
Taking a break from the carrier to practice walking
Quarantine sign due to cholera...creative!
Band outside of the General Store
Characters playing a game outside the church
Adah watching a fiddler and jig 
You can play croquet with the priest
Another band outside the Boulangerie (bakery)
Beignerie (donut shop)
Yes, we partook of said item on International Donut Day!
Trolley rides
This girl is photogenic! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Québec City

The other week, we were able to celebrate Victoria Day with an extra day off. Woo-hoo! So, how did we celebrate? We took an overnight trip to Québec City! We had so much fun exploring the old city and peaking at archaeological evidence of the old old (ancient) city. The weather was beautiful, we were with good company (another missionary family with children), and the crowds were not too bad. Here are a few pictures from our exciting trip:
This is how we roll!
View from the top of citadel
View on the boardwalk
View from the boardwalk, down into the old city
One of the many streets in the old city
Playing with cannons
Grumpy Baby
View of the St. Lawrence
Adah was over the photos
Our attempt at a family photo did not work with a baby who wanted to play in the water!
View from the ferry crossing the St. Lawrence
Splash pad at the hotel