Sunday, August 26, 2012

Days 3 - 5 on the Road...VACATION!!!

Since we had only one chance to do it - we took a mini-vacation!!! Days 3 - 5 were spent "touring" Washington, D.C. with our little girl! So, here are pictures of our "restful" time!
Daddy and daughter ready for adventure
For once, we are on the other side of the FAA!
Showing daddy who is boss around here!
Ancient artifact I found in the tunnels of the underground metro. 
Baby being adorable! So close to giggling!
This is called a Redneck wallaby - for you folks back in Tennessee!
Giant baby attacks monument!
Native American's played hockey!
Healthy street vendor food (insert sarcasm) 
Cuppy and her cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes
Exhaustion comes from only 3 hours of touring a day with a baby!

Day 6 on the be continued.


  1. So amazingly cute! Great photography and a wonderful mini-vacation. Prayers going up for your safety as you continue the journey. Blessings --Beth Jinkerson

  2. Props to Kevin for wearing the moby!! Glad you are having a good vacation. --Jackie