Thursday, August 23, 2012

Second Day on the Road

The location: Troutsville, VA
The day: Tuesday, August 21st, 2012
The time: 8:15 AM
The people: The Spann's
The setting: breakfast

Imagine if you will, a group of four people and an infant, sitting cozily around a little table with soft music playing in the background. It is breakfast and you can see a well-balanced, wholesome meal spread out before them . Every conceivable fresh fruit, warm whole wheat toast, perfectly poached eggs, crispy bacon, coffee, and whole milk. The family is taking their time, savoring each morsel of food as they enjoy their pleasant, intellectually stimulating conversation with one another. The baby is sweetly cooing while daintily playing with her stuffed toy.

BORING! Who wants to hear that story?

Here is what our breakfast scene really looked like :The family rushed down to the breakfast room before the grumpy hotel staff cleared the "food" away. CNN is blaring in the background on a TV glued to the wall (metal must be expensive around here). Tasha shovels food into her mouth as fast as she can so she can feed the baby while discussing whatever it was she saw last in the baby's diaper. Mark (Kevin's dad) bounces the previously mentioned fussy baby on his knee, letting his "food" go cold. Kevin is going over trip plans and checking his email while inhaling his insubstantial meal. Debby (Kevin's mom) is asking him questions while she chokes down her Styrofoam...err, powdered eggs. AH! Now that is a morning! A morning bursting with excitement and tardiness! :-) Okay, the hotel and food weren't really that bad, but you get the idea.

We pack up at the hotel and hit the road for another day of adventure. The goal - Washington, D.C!

The baby and Tasha nap and nurse continuously until we stop for gas.
We uncovered a little hole in the wall "mom and pop" diner in a city town named Marshall. The type of town where Main Street is the only street. Delicious sandwiches for everyone and then back to the road!

The Shenandoah Valley was breathtaking and the weather was perfect.
We finally make it to Alexandria, VA around 2:30 to our AMAZING hotel! Why do I brag? Because our old (as in previous, not age) youth minister got us a friends and family discount at a Marriott! King size bed, couch, flat screen TV, separate toilet closet with sink, and a glass shower. Only downside - SHOWER, not tub:

Luckily, Debby had a storage bin we could use for a bath...but baby noticed the difference! Picky, picky little girl! She wouldn't even play with her pink duck!

That evening, we ate at Ted's and enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the hotel:

The baby is still having a hard time sleeping at night, which does wear on her mommy and daddy. But we are still excited to be on the way to language school! For the first time in a year, we will have a more consistent schedule which will hopefully result in a more rested family.

Day Three on the be continued...


  1. Praying for you guys and gals. God Bless you. Keep up the lord's work. :) paul v.

  2. I love your posts, dear Kevin and Tasha. Know that you are in our prayers and we are with you in spirit as you journey for God. Blessings, Beth Jinkerson