Friday, August 10, 2012

I Apologize in Advance...

I had the best of intentions! I have been working on a blog about Spiritual Warfare, one on Cultural Intolerance, and even a controversial one about the LRA (might not post due to graphic nature). Kevin has a few more posts in the work about What Is a Missionary, parts 2 and maybe 3. But something has halted all of this....

Packing! Ugh! First all, we are packing to move out of our house. It is officially on the market!

We are going through all of our junk...ahem...stuff to find things to get rid of to avoid having to look at so many things! On a side note, we are having a yard sale on Saturday, August 18th at 8-2! Second, we are packing for our move to Canada! This is also an ongoing process with packing for Africa!

Have I mentioned how hard this is to do with an adorable 10.5 week old who just wants to play?

And we only have 10 DAYS LEFT!!! Wow!!! So, I apologize in advance for our soon-to-be hiatus of intellectual posts. Next week, my guest post for Intentional by Grace will be out and I hope to have a preview and link posted here. Once we hit the road (August 20th), we plan on making our 20 hour drive to Canada a mini-vacation. So, if we stay at a hotel with free internet, I hope to bombard you all with unique photos!

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