Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Day in the Life of Baby A

Since mommy and daddy are SO busy with me, they haven't found any time to update the blog! So, I thought I would help out by showing you what I do all day while mommy and daddy work, study French, and pack!

I like to sleep in a little when I get the big bed all to myself! Ah! I enjoy pushing everyone else out of my way!
I absolutely hate getting all dressed up for any reason and would prefer to be naked all day!
After eating a big breakfast, I love to play in my Bumbo! It helps me to build up my next muscles!
When morning playtime is all done, I get to take a nap in my swing!
When I wake up, I get to eat lunch and play again!
Then, it is my favorite time - naptime with daddy!
Then I get to eat again and I get to go play! I love my playtime!
Finally, it is time for bed. Daddy gives me a bath and puts me in my jammies!
Mommy feeds me and puts me to bed!
And when mommy and daddy wake up in the middle of the night to take care of me, I am still adorable!
The End!
P.S. Look for info about voting for me in the Gerber baby contest! Voting beings September 4th and you can do so on Facebook! We will post info about it in a few weeks! Get ready to tell all your friends!

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