Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Apartment

Our apartment is a 3 1/2, located 5 minutes from school. That means two bedrooms, one bath, and a living/dining room. Here are some pictures!
Our kitchen area. Lots of cabinets-not so much counter space.
Our cute little bathroom - don't flush the toilet when someone is showering!
Looking into our bedroom. See our air conditioner/fan! 
Looking out of our room into the kitchen
Looking into the living/dining area from the kitchen. 
Looking into our apartment from the balcony. Kevin and baby are practicing French with Rosetta Stone.
Looking into baby's/laundry room
Looking out of baby's/laundry room
View from balcony at the "fields". You can't tell very well but there are four fields plus a playground and a hockey rink.
10 things we have learned about living in this area: 

1. In Sherbrooke, Canada, it is very rare to have air conditioning or carpet.
2. You have to park in your correct parking spot. There is an electrical outlet there to plug in your car heater for the wintertime and it is billed to you. We were told that people will "steal" your electricity that way.
3. The playing fields behind our apartment host a slew of all hours! The lights stay on until past midnight and you can hear the whistles going off! Last night I could watch baseball, soccer, field hockey, inline hockey, rugby, volleyball, and children playing on the playground! 
4. Trash at the apartment goes down a small chute, so only small bags (under 8 gallon) will fit. Otherwise, you have to go to the basement and out the back to the trash area.
5. This area is popular for all immigrants. So far, we have run into Persians speaking Farsi, Muslims speaking  Arabic, Dutch speaking English, and Germans! Plus, we met someone from the Dominican Republic! Yeah for Spanish! 
6. Anything with wheels is for transportation - yes, we have seen roller blades on the main road!
7. Driving is similar, but different (that will be a later post)!
8. Dining out is an event (that will also be a later post)! And the food is fresher and better tasting (another post!)
9. It is acceptable (and common) to hang your laundry out to dry with wire/twine on your balcony! Now I don't feel like such a red-neck hanging up the baby's cloth diapers!
10. Sherbrooke has all the regular stores that America has, but smaller versions. Imagine a gas station sized Home Depot (Canac)! I have never seen so many tubs and toilets mounted to a wall before! 

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