Monday, August 20, 2012

Bittersweet Beginnings

I don’t often write descriptive entries about daily life, but I wanted to share about our journey to Canada. Part of being a missionary is the journey and the lessons learned along the way. Everything, both good and bad, should be shared as a way of being honest about how God is working in our lives. That being said, today marked the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. We are officially missionaries on the journey to language school, which will aid us in the field in Africa.

This trip actually began on Friday evening, August 17th. Volunteers from our home congregation (Highland View) came to help us set up for the biggest yard sale of our lives by pricing items and just spending time with us. On Saturday, August 18th, we sold most of our belongings. More volunteers from a local church supporting us (High Places) came by to help us with setting us, selling, managing the items, loading items for people who purchased said items, and packing up our leftover items. What a huge help! We could not have done it without them! On top of that, one of our friends came by to mow our lawn!

Sunday, August 19th, our home congregation gave us a going away commissioning service that brought tears to our eyes! It was complete with a slide show of our journey with the church! Afterwards, Kevin, Adah, and I gathered at the front of the church and everyone crowded around us to pray over us! I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the building! Then, it was completed with a potluck meal! Yummy! Do the blessings stop there? No! Many more volunteers from church came to our home at 6 PM to help us finish packing, load up the trailer, and clean up our now almost empty home! I can honestly say we would NOT be on the road now if not for all the help! I only wish I had thought to take a picture or two!

This brings us to the good-byes. Since we will be able to visit home, Kevin and I do not feel like it is a real good-bye. It is more of a “see you later.” We are on the road now and it just feels like we are going on another Ministry Partnership trip or a vacation (maybe we have been on the road too much)! Since we are technically going away to school/college, we will be home for Christmas. But for our family, it still feels like good-bye. With a 12 week old baby, our family is saying good-bye to this age, this moment in her life, this impressionable time where she is constantly learning. But we understand that sacrifices are to be made for the glory of God. It does not mean they are easy. There is a saying that I really like: God does not call the prepared, he prepares the called. We are called and he is preparing us for our journey to Africa. He is who is comforting us now during these bittersweet beginnings.


  1. Kevin, Tasha, and Adah,
    We are praying for you on your journey. Thank you again for taking the time to go visit my mom when you were in Smyrna.
    Cousin Mareta

  2. You are already being missed...Emily said this a.m., "I miss Adah, but I am looking forward to Christmas because she will be coming back then." Your sacrifice and story resonates in all that hear it. You have and continue to make an impression on all of us...including the 4 year old's that learn to follow God fearlessly to whatever He calls you to do! You are loved and prayed for much here at home...see you soon! Love, Erin

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  4. Dear ones, I couldn't be there in person to sign your picture or hug you, but I cried with the rest of the congregation as I watched live on ustream. You are in my heart and prayers daily. You'll never realize how it feels to miss you so much, but you are an inspiration to see as you become the Lord's hands and feet, voice and wings. Blessings sweet ones.

    1. above message is from Beth Jinkerson

  5. Well, here goes again..misspelled my name and deleted but cannot paste back in..Your threesome is on our hearts and in our prayers. Soon enough you will learn where French Fries did not come from, that Canadians do not call those ham slices "Canadian bacon", then on in some time to discover you DO fit into a culture totally foreign to the rest of us. A time will come when you look at it all and say, "God, how did you bring us this far!"and thanksgiving will flow. Remember the strength you showed in that skit at the church building a few years ago, holding back evil and protecting those who needed it? That power will be protecting and strengthening your wonderful threesome. God Bless. Tom H.