Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Internet Hiatus

Right before I left on maternity leave September 2014, we began experiencing some internet connection problems. Even though our house is located on a hill, we do not have a direct signal with our MAF internet antenna because of a few trees. Our signal is actually bounced from the antenna to another MAF house and then it hits us. Our neighboring MAF family gets their internet connection via a signal from our house. When we began experiencing signal problem, both of our families experienced intermittent internet.

When we returned from maternity leave, the Internet was doing much better, but this did not last. The decision was made to make an attempt to add another antenna in direct sight of our houses on the hill so we would experience a better signal. Unfortunately, the decision was made during rainy season. Trying to find a time to put an antenna on a roof when it is not raining is difficult but you must add in the additional humidity making a very slick roof a dangerous thing. Our IT guys made multiple attempts to repair the problem but it was too dangerous.

Right now, we have had intermittent to no internet for a few weeks now, but thankfully we were able to purchase internet for our phones (which is not cheap but is necessary). Currently, we are awaiting dry season for safer conditions in an attempt to get us internet. In the meantime, we have internet on our phones and are able to do basic things (check our email, see Facebook, FaceTime, etc.). What is difficult is writing an entire blog post on a phone. So while we have plenty of things to talk about and photos to show, it is quite difficult to correct yourself, add watermarks to photos, and it is just plain difficult to express yourself while pecking away on tiny buttons (oh, and auto correct gets frustrating).

We will hopefully be back online soon and look forward to sharing many stories and photos of all our adventures!

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