Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday at Church

On our little girl's bucket list of things to do on vacation was to go to church. In Africa, there are not many children's programs for her age. She definitely misses the children's church back home. Ever since we touched down in London, she has asked if we were going to church. Today she got her wish!

Last night we spent forever googling churches with children's programs within our traveling zone. That proved a little more difficult but we located one.
This little gem was just what we needed this morning! It didn't have many members but the ones there were quite welcoming. They were quite excited to have baby boy and little girl as the only children in their children's program and there was a crowd of ladies who personally escorted them. The kids did not hesitate!

After church we were made to feel welcome with tea and biscuits and great conversations. There was a man from Angola, a gentleman who was arranging mission trips for Uganda, another man who grew up in Zaire (Congo-Kinshasa) with parents who were missionaries and even a woman who had flown with MAF to Kisangani (DRC) from Kinshasa about 25 years ago!

We were certainly welcomed and sweet pea enjoyed being the center of attention. It was so refreshing to meet so many connections to missions in one place. It certainly felt like God chose this particular church for us this morning!

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