Saturday, May 16, 2015

Life at Home

I was recently discussing with some other moms the delusion of what happens all day at home. No one walks your personal walk and does not know what happens behind the closed door of your home. This made me realize how secretive my life might appear when I have yet to open my doors and invite you in. So I decided to challenge myself.

Many of you know that my personal call to ministry has been the ministry of motherhood, but how has that changed with two children? What do I focus on all day? Do I step outside the doors of my house? Do I interact with others (besides my children) on a daily basis?

My challenge to myself is to present to you over the next few days (and hopefully weeks), snippets of my "life at home." Some days reveal cultural lessons, some days reveal struggles with parenting, and some days are quite and boring. My goal is to give you an idea of what I do. Many posts will be a simple picture with commentary and some may be long-winded but I hope you enjoy the view!

Today's view is our countdown to Daddy's return. He is on a week long flight/adventure. We are very excited for this opportunity for him to watch a local pastor visit villages interior to do training, but we will definitely miss him.

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