Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stevie the Gecko

There is one thing homes in tropical environments have in common - house geckos. They are wonderful little creatures they crawl all over your ceiling and windows and eat all the little insects (flies, mosquitoes, ants, and roaches). Our house just so happens to have a plethora of them! At any given time, I can name the locations of at least five.

Our little girl has taken a liking to these cute little guys and continuously asks to pet one. Well, daddy did one better and caught the one that was in her room. We placed him in a terrarium.
We named him Stevie (like the gecko in "Madagascar"). Baby girl loves watching him and wants him to "sit" next to her when she plays.
Stevie is a cute little guy who is very active. Sweet pea had lots of fun gathering sticks and leaves for his home. She even helped me to search for bugs to feed him. Because of his small size, we stuck to small things like ants and baby cockroaches (which there are always plenty).
Unfortunately, after keeping him trapped for a week, he managed to escape. But don't feel bad, he crawled right back up into sweet pea's room. It was fun for her to see a gecko up close for a while and learn how to take care of a pet. But she still wants for him to come to her when she calls so she can pet him! Perhaps we should get a bird.

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