Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Rainy Day

When it rains here, life appears to stop. Everyone and everything moves in slow motion. The vendors who sell on the side of the road wait for the rain to cease before setting up, leaving the streets eerily vacant. The peddlers who walk among the cars are holding their items while standing in doorways and under vendor umbrellas staring. People who are walking places go much slower trying to avoid puddles and the occasional fall. The same can be said for driving.

The cars on the road after and during a rain move at a snail's pace. The drivers of the cars are trying to pay close attention to the puddles in the road, which could be masking a much deeper hole that could cause some damage to a vehicle. The drivers also make an effort to not go quickly through smaller puddles which could splash water everywhere and on everyone. Let's face it, if you splash someone with your car it is rude in any country!

So this morning I left extra early in anticipation of the slower traffic but I took advantage of it and took a few photos while driving. (*Please note in one of the photos that my speedometer is not even registering speed because we were either stopped or were going too slow. I would not attempt to take a photo while the vehicle is in motion placing others in danger.)

A taxi will just stop in the road to pick up
 people requiring others to drive around

This road is only one lane of traffic on each side.
The taxi (right) attempted to go around the slow poke in front.

The black truck is carefully driving over a large
puddle which IS masking a large crater

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