Monday, May 18, 2015

Just Another Day

I was up fairly late with baby boy last night. He was quite colicky and I could not determine a reason. When this morning came around, I certainly missed Kevin and possibly my only opportunity for a nap. I decided I wasn't going to let a little something like sleep deprivation get me down...this time!

During brother's nap, I was determined to take a quick nap so I came up with a genius mom idea! I put sister's robofish in an empty food container with some water and let her play. I got some cute photos and a little bit of a reprieve before continuing with the day. While our floor did suffer a bit I was able to keep my sanity in check! 

One of the things I have learned recently is how to tie a "pagne." This is the preferred method of the Congolese women for carrying their children around.
My first attempt at tying a pagne
Once brother was up from his nap, I packed us all into the car for a trip to the grocery store and made certain to bring my pagne. When I got to the crowded parking lot, I had an audience of people watching me slowly fit and tie baby boy onto my back. The moment I was finished and had sister by the hand, I was greeted with many smiles and nods from the onlookers. Let's just say the Congolese are very proud of their culture, and to see a non-national attempt to fit in with their culture, they are quite pleased! Lots of people stopped me in the store to greet me, not simply because our cute little blonde headed girl speaks a little bit of French, but the mama with the pagne! I was so tickled but it definitely wore me out a bit. I was exhausted and so ready for bedtime. 

When we got home, brother decided that he wanted to continue being colicky, so I wrapped him back up in the pagne and paced the floor while sister played some more with her fish bowl. When 5:30 PM rolled around, I was giddy. The day is complete and I am now going to bed! 5 more days till Kevin returns home. 

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