Friday, July 17, 2015

The Bane of my Existence*

*Obviously the following blog is going to talk about something that is "harmful" to me, but I am most likely exaggerating about its ability to cause ruin or death.

There is a terror in the Congo. This predator strikes during the daytime unnoticed until it is too late. It matters not how much I prepare myself, because it always finds me. (*Insert shrieking violin noises*). What is this horror? BLACK FLIES.

These little buggers travel in small swarms, hunting for innocent bystanders, feeding on the blood of their host...ME! It does not matter how much bug spray I use, if I travel outside my house, I must wear protection. It can be 105 degrees outside and I must wear pants, socks, long sleeves, repellent (with Deet and/or picaridin), and constantly stay in active motion to prevent them from landing on me... although the repellent really doesn't deter them, it's just used for placebo to make me feel like I've done something to thwart their sinister plans of feasting upon me for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Yes, that is me being devoured by the vicious
leech, all in the name of bloggery/photography 
These little vampires aren't kind. Not one bit. When they bite, you feel their unpleasant clamp. And when they are done, they leave you with a bright big welt that itches. If you accidentally touch it, the itchy sensation gets worse and will continue to itch for up to a week!
These little nightmare inducing fiends are everywhere here. They breed near water and unfortunately for us, we are located near the Congo River. They can travel miles away from where they breed and we happen to be on their way to and from their breeding grounds.
And of course, these monsters make me feel like a terrible mom. Kids need to go outside and enjoy life. But every time we go outdoors, the bloodsuckers grab hold and take a bite or ten. My poor babies! Thus, I have declared war on these beasts! I will not rest until they have ceased to be...or until I can sweet talk the kids into going back indoors to watch a movie while I apply more benadryl.

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