Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Anniversary in Numbers

Today, Kevin and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary. So I thought I would give everyone some fun facts on us.

Date night photo
18...the number of years Kevin and I have known each other. We met late July 1997 at band camp.
12...the number of years Kevin and I have been a couple. We began dating late July 2003.
11...the number of profession titles Kevin and I have held between the two of us since getting married (this does not include person titles like spouse, mom, etc.).
10...the number of countries Kevin and I have visited together (U.S., Canada, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, U.K., Belgium, Turkey, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Italy, and France)
9...the number of years Kevin and I have been married.
8...the record number of days Kevin has gone without shaving, which is why he now has a beard. Kevin forgot to pack his razor.
7...the number of address where we have lived over the years-6 of which have been in the last 4.
6...the number of wedding rings Kevin and I have owned over the years. I am on my original two/set and Kevin is on number 4. What can he say? Tungsten is not as durable as they claim!
5...the number of times we went on short term mission trips to the Dominican Republic (and once to Costa Rica but 6 was filled).
4...the number of years we have been full time missionaries with MAF.
3...the number of vacations Kevin and I have taken together or as a family (our honeymoon and two trips with our kids).
2...the number of children we have.
1...the number of nights we have spent away from our child(ren). Sister slept at Mimi's for Brother's birth, so that counts!
0...the number of birthdays our children have celebrated in the U.S.

And here's to many more years and numbers added to the list!

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