Friday, July 3, 2015

Belated Birthday Photos

So this busy mama forgot to post our little girl's 3rd birthday party photos! When we got back from vacation, we had a party so that we could celebrate with all of her friends (who were here and not on vacation themselves). At one point we had a 7 girls and 6 boys all here to celebrate. We decided on a simple "Frozen" themed party where we watched the movie and ate popcorn. We also decorated cookies, had blue jell-o jigglers, and there was even some cake. It was definitely a blast for all the kids. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Movie, popcorn, and Jell-O

Princess tiara and cards, all handmade by friends

The best part!

YAY! Aunt B's card

This girl loves cards!

Dr. Spann can now legally practice in Africa

Movie break to play Legos

Someone is ready to throw snowballs!

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