Friday, July 24, 2015

"New" Family Welcome

Last Sunday afternoon, all MAF families in Kinshasa got together for a mini BBQ to welcome the newest addition to our clan (minus one family who is in the USA on furlough). The Lind family has returned! They were here roughly two years ago as short term missionaries and fell in love with the Congo. So when their term was up, they went back home to fund-raise so they could return and completed their time in language school. We feel so blessed to have them back here, including all of their kiddos! It felt wonderful to all be together again and see all the little kids that are around to play together. Here are some photos of the day and lots of links to the other families and their blogs or MAF pages. Also note that I did not take all of the photos seen, but another MAF mama helped to pick up my slack!
Lisa and her three kids (Source: Jocelyn Frey)

Elijah (Source: Jocelyn Frey)

Baby boy just chilling on the porch

Lovely Nancy (Source: Jocelyn Frey)

Miss Emily holding baby Joel (Source: Jocelyn Frey)

Little Axel (Source: Jocelyn Frey)

Waiting on the local charcoal to heat up

Some of the kids playing in the "sand" box (Source: Jocelyn Frey)

Rod and Valerie (Source: Jocelyn Frey)

The whole crew, silly faces and all! (12 kids & 12 adults)

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