Saturday, October 19, 2013


This is good-bye "until we meet again" at least for now. We are leaving in the morning for Africa!!! Finally, after years of preparation and God's stirring on our hearts, we have come to the departure moment. It is very exciting and very unbelievable. I almost feel like it is all a dream and I will wake up in my old home, in Tennessee, in my old bed.

Adah helping in the packing process
We have learned so much during orientation and feel closer to God and closer to our personal call to Africa. We are excited to meet to the locals and begin settling down in our temporary home while we find a more permanent place to stay. I want to thank everyone who helped to get us here: those who prayed, those who partnered financially, those who supported and encouraged us, those donated time to help us, those who donated other gifts that have meant so much to us. You are all a part of our team - TEAM SPANN! So, let's go team!

This has to make it through the airport tomorrow.
Having said all of that, I must say we will be offline for a while until we get settled. I hope to at least post some random words and pictures sometime between now and then to let you know we arrived safely. Otherwise, feel free to look us up on Facebook. Please pray for our travels, for Adah, and for our luggage to make it. Thanks again!!!

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