Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Box of Quinoa

We are down to the last days in the United States (2 days)... Oh...My...Goodness! There has been so much preparation to get us to this point. One of the recommendations for reading was a book called "Expert Expat." In the book it talks about what happens when your cultural shock hits. You pretty much have a breakdown over something and then you realize your life is totally and completely different. It happens to everyone and for each person, something different triggers it, and each person reacts differently. The book goes on to talk about different things to do to help ease this transition. Things like bringing along some favorite items, a Christmas tree, family photo albums, and other things that will make your new place feel more like home to you.

For us, the concept of "home" has been a of late. For the past 2 years we have not stayed in any one place for any substantial period of time. Sure, in each place we lived we had certain photos hanging on the wall, certain knickknacks that we enjoyed looking at, and family books sitting on the shelf. But if one of those items were to disappear (or get packed up for Africa 6 months ahead of time), we were not going to feel like we were not at home in the place we were staying.

I am now counting down the days (Did I mention 2 days? 2...Days...Seriously...2...) before we leave and all I can think of is if I am going to forget something. There is going to be some item that I am going to want to have 3 months down the road and I am not going to have it. Not only will I lack this said item, I am going to realize I cannot go out and buy this item at Wal-Mart. Not only will I be at a loss as to a way to obtain this item, I am going to feel like I don't belong because I am missing it. No big deal (in words) because it happens to everyone. I am simply in a mindset right now attempting to prepare myself by searching my head for any possible item I am going to want in the future. This is much harder than it sounds! Kevin and I have lived a fairly simplistic and quite mobile lifestyle for so long, I don't even know what I am missing.

This is where things have become silly for me. I have been scouring the internet, searching for this missing "item." Pinterest, Zulily, Amazon, ebay, Craigslist. Is the item a pastry cutter? Well, no, I usually use a fork quite well. Is this item a personalized set of coasters? Well, no, we never use coasters and let's be honest, we won't use ice either! Is this item a Color Wonders set for Adah? Well, I highly doubt she will even use that for a few years. I have even attempted to talk Kevin into paying for an extra piece of luggage and paying for the international extra luggage fees, just so we will have room to take this magical item that I. MUST. HAVE. TO. SURVIVE.

What is this magical item you ask? I have come to believe it is a box of quinoa.

At least for now. Maybe tomorrow it will be another package of pepperoni. But anyway. My silly head is telling me that I must pack a box of quinoa, because if I get to Africa and I cannot eat quinoa, I am going to feel homesick (even though we don't eat it that often). I hope you all are now laughing at the absurdity of the situation, because I am laughing at myself!

Tune in over the next week or so to find out if I did buy the box of quinoi...or suitcase...or pepperoni...I haven't decided yet.

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