Monday, June 3, 2013

Québec City

The other week, we were able to celebrate Victoria Day with an extra day off. Woo-hoo! So, how did we celebrate? We took an overnight trip to Québec City! We had so much fun exploring the old city and peaking at archaeological evidence of the old old (ancient) city. The weather was beautiful, we were with good company (another missionary family with children), and the crowds were not too bad. Here are a few pictures from our exciting trip:
This is how we roll!
View from the top of citadel
View on the boardwalk
View from the boardwalk, down into the old city
One of the many streets in the old city
Playing with cannons
Grumpy Baby
View of the St. Lawrence
Adah was over the photos
Our attempt at a family photo did not work with a baby who wanted to play in the water!
View from the ferry crossing the St. Lawrence
Splash pad at the hotel

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