Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Adah!

Our sweet little one turned 1 today! What a joy she has been to our lives. We have had sleepless nights and lazy days. We have enjoyed laughter and tears. We have enjoyed jokes and giggles. We have watched her learned to sit up and roll over and crawl. We have held her in our arms and rocked her to sleep. We have watched those tiny teeth pop through and shared in her pain. We have enjoyed hearing little babbles and helped her learn your first words. We have wrested and rolled in the floor with her and kissed her many bruises. We have played games and read stories. We have sung many songs and shared many prayers. We have shared many food messes and lots of snuggles. She is such a wonder and enjoyment who loves to smile. Our lives would not be so enjoyable without her in it! We are truly blessed.
Balloons in her pack-n-play
Many gifts from so many loved ones!
Puppy from one set of grandparents
Money from other grandparents
New romper from great grandparents
So many cards from the folks at Sulphur Well Church!
New shoes and onesie from aunt and uncle

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