Monday, June 10, 2013

Le Village Québécois D'Antan

We had the privilege of going on another field trip this past week. It was so much fun! We went to visit the Old Québécois Village in Drummondville, QC. It is best described as an 18th-19th century (1810-1930) re-creation of a village. There is a blend of everything from those time periods of buildings, vehicles, and characters walking around to whom you can ask questions. We spent the day walking around, practicing French, and just enjoying the scenery. Here are a few photos from our time:
The village is complete with street names and signs
1917 Model T Ford in working condition, you can pay to take a ride
A gentleman in character demonstrating the
antique tools and their usage
Fromagerie, you can buy poutine cheese here
Taking a break from the carrier to practice walking
Quarantine sign due to cholera...creative!
Band outside of the General Store
Characters playing a game outside the church
Adah watching a fiddler and jig 
You can play croquet with the priest
Another band outside the Boulangerie (bakery)
Beignerie (donut shop)
Yes, we partook of said item on International Donut Day!
Trolley rides
This girl is photogenic! 

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