Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I recently tried to read an article about Mother’s Day, but I absolutely could not get past the first paragraph. In the article, the author stated that “a mother’s job is a thankless job.” I was appalled! Just because our significant other or child does not verbally express their affirmations of appreciation for our jobs as mother’s does not indicate our job is a “thankless” one.

On the contrary! I can't begin to express the non-verbal forms of thanks I get daily, but I will try.

My daughter thanks me with extra water on the floor from bath times, because she appreciated all the fun we had playing together.
My daughter thanks me on her super whiney days by showing me that I am her comforter by clinging to me.
My daughter thanks me by throwing some of her food on the floor during meal times, because I have fed her well.
My daughter thanks me by giving bites of her pre-chewed food to me, because I provided her with such a tasty meal, it is best shared.
My daughter thanks me by leaving her toys scattered on the floor, because she was too grateful for the interaction to think about anything else.
My daughter thanks me by crying out for me in the middle of the night to show me that I am who she leans on when she is frightened (or hungry…mostly hungry)
My daughter thanks me by fighting her bed time because spending time with me is much more important than sleeping.

No, my job is not a thankless one. In fact, I thank God everyday for this job. Let me tell you some of the many things I am thankful for:

I am thankful for broken necklaces. My sweet baby loves to tug on them while nursing. They will always be a reminder of our special bond.
I am thankful for not owning an article of clothing without stains. They will always be a reminder of all the fun things I did with my baby girl.
I am thankful for poopy diapers that remind me that I have been able to provide my daughter with enough food.
I am thankful for metal pots and pans, even on the days I have a migraine. They will remind me of how creative my daughter is to figure out how to have fun while spending time with me.
I am thankful for the many little crumbs of food I find inside my shirt at night, because my daughter has a sense of humor and finds it funny to drop food down my top.
I am thankful for little fingers under the bathroom door. It is my daughter’s way of letting me know she is worried about me being alone in the bathroom.
I am thankful for hand and face prints on the window glass. It is a reminder for me that sometimes outside is much more important than inside.

No, my job is definitely not a thankless one and I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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