Thursday, June 7, 2012

May - June Update

Boy, May went out with a bang! Throughout the whole month we worked hard to try and get ahead: we visited as many churches as we could fit in, we met with as many people as possible, we tried to write as many blog posts for the future as we could, we read as many books as possible, and averaged 4 doctors appointments per week...whew! I am exhausted thinking about all the stuff we did, all while 9 months pregnant! Luckily, the Lord was with us and we accomplished much, including cleaning the house from top to bottom at least twice!
Now we are in June, for the most part, the doctors visits are over, we have an almost 2 week old, a dirty house, many unfinished books, a whole bunch of meetings with people and churches to set up, a bunch of blogs to write. Maybe it would just be easier to sell  the house and move to Canada.....

Speaking of Canada, we are making progress with our preparations for leaving. Our acceptance letter for the language school is on its way back to us, our visa paperwork is on the way, and the only thing holding us back is Adah's passport. According to the state of Tennessee, she doesn't exist yet, and won't for another week and a half. Then we have to wait another 3 to 4 weeks for her birth certificate to come in so we can finally send of her passport paperwork (which we will have to wait another 4 to 6 weeks to get-no pressure right?).  We did get the paperwork filled out and her picture taken. I am assuming everyone reading this has heard the phrase "let sleeping dogs lie". The same holds true for babies. It took us a while to wake her up, but once she did she let us know what she thought about it. Not to impressed.

The French Language school Fall semester begins September 6th, and the plan is to arrive in Sherbrooke Canada around the middle of August. The on campus housing has already filled up so we will be looking for an off campus apartment. From what we hear, the apartments that are fully furnished are few and far between, so we are exploring several options for furniture.

Praise God, Tasha's gestational diabetes was left in the delivery room, and her heart rate has been near perfect, even during labor! Adah's jaundice has steadily improved, so no more heel sticks or blood tests.

That's all my sleep deprived mind can remember now. Stay tuned for more!!

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