Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back to Work...

Monday was our first official day back to work. Kevin and I enjoyed our two weeks “off” getting to know our baby girl. I know many of you are shocked to see that we only had two weeks off after giving birth, but you have to realize, we don’t go into an office and carry normal banker hours of Monday thru Friday, 9 – 5. We do a lot of work from home making calls, we do a lot of work driving around to visit churches and make presentations, and we do a lot of relationship building by going to meet with other people.
All in all, I have to be honest…I can’t concentrate!!! It is so hard to focus on work when I have a sweet little baby who wants (NEEDS) my attention! Besides, who could resist this cute little baby?
I don’t know how single parents do this! I give kudos to my own widowed mother who raised three kids! I struggle with Kevin helping! I also don’t know how you moms can go back to work with a “normal” job and stay away from your precious angel that long. I want to tip my hat to all you single parents who take care of your child(ren) and to you parents who go back to work at a job that keeps you separated from your child(ren).
With that off my chest, I want to wish everyone a happy week and throw in a plug: As I write this, we only need 10 more partners at $25 per month and we will be fully funded!!!  If you are intereested in being a part of our support network and in integral part of this exciting ministry, please visit for more information.

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