Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pregnancy Moment # 243 "I am a wonderful Christian!!"

So, being pregnant has opened up my eyes to many things, but humility was not one I was expecting. A woman’s body does miraculous things during pregnancy; it requires more blood, more oxygen, more nutrients, and more brain power to develop a little human being. If you have known anyone while they were pregnant, you might have noticed her troubles recalling small details (and sometimes not so small). I like to call this “pregnancy brain.” Luckily for me, my husband has caught on to a lot of my sign language and my grunts, and picked up when I forgot something. Except a few weeks ago.…
We were speaking to a class in Murfreesboro, TN and we were excited to be on the road again.  During each presentation, we share a little about our personal testimonies. Kevin finished his side, and I stood up tall (or short rather) and proud to share my experience. Several weeks prior, thanks in part to my growing child pressing on my lungs, my voice began to quiver when I tried to speak loudly; but today, I was determined to not let it distract me. Without getting into too much detail about what we share during our presentation, one the greatest influences in my life was my grandmother. She was my mentor who taught me to cook, clean and sew. She was a wonderful person and it was she who taught me to love Christ.
As I continued speaking, I noticed some smirks, some inquisitive looks and one family dropped their jaws. All I could think was maybe they never had such a loving grandmother. After we were done, the same family who dropped their jaw sped out of the room. I was afraid maybe I brought up a painful memory, until Kevin leaned over to me and whispered sarcastically, “So… you’re a wonderful Christian?” Wait-WHAT?!?! I immediately gave him the evil eye pregnat wives give their husbands when they are denied a craving and he started to laugh. “What are you talking about” I asked.
Well….turns out my mind was speaking about my grandmother and the wonderful person she was and how I found a love for Christ because of her. My mouth, however, said how my grandmother taught me everything I know, and I am a wonderful Christian. Oops.
Needless to say, the remaining people in the room, Kevin and I all had a good laugh at my expense. I am thoroughly embarrassed! I can’t believe something so silly came out of my mouth. Being pregnant has its teachable moments, this one was no exception. By the way, if anyone from that particular class is reading this, PLEASE understand that I have a little more humility than that! Sometimes! J

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