Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Time For Giving Thanks!

Boy, being pregnant sure brings out my emotional side! But lucky for me, it also brings humility in my prayers. I once heard someone say, what if God only gave you tomorrow what you thanked Him for the day before? Wow! So, I want to share with you what I have to be thankful for right this moment!

I thank God for my soul mate – my husband. A man who is my best friend and who is willing to listen to any emotional rants and crazy ideas I may have. A man who will soon become a father and will walk with me during my struggles.
I thank God for our current pregnancy. Every day, our little girl grows larger, stronger, and more ready to come into this world. I thank God for this blessing for the special child He has chosen for us to raise to love Him and His Holy word.
I thank God for all of our basic necessities that are being met. We have a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, shoes on our feet, and food in our stomachs. So many people in this world do without these things in life and I am grateful to God that we have been blessed with what we have.
I thank God for my lifelines. I have a loving family that includes my in-laws. I have so many friends in my life that care about me. I have a network of church family that is always there for me. I am richly blessed with people caring people in my life.
I thank God for my call to missions. Everyone is part of the Body of Christ and has a special call to missions. You might be the hands who help others, you might be the knees that bow to pray for those sent, you might be the head that supports with finances, but you are definitely called.
I thank God for His support of our calling. Over our last 8 months of fundraising, He has placed (and is placing) many people in our lives who He wants to partner with us in our mission. Without God, we would not be 86% funded at this current point and have over 115 prayer partners!

What have you thanked God for today?

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