Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On the Road Again....again....again....

One of most rewarding parts of being Pre-Field Missionaries is “Ministry Partnership”- seeking those friends, family, and churches that God is directing to provide to the missionaries vital prayer and financial support necessary for successful ministry with MAF. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and sharing in fellowship with these individuals and churches. This week, March 3rd – March 11th we have been on the road again, to do more relationship building, seeking out those partners that God has in store for our ministry team.
Here is our rough itinerary:
Saturday, March 3rd
                Left home and drove to a friend’s house in Cookeville, TN
Sunday, March 4th
                Spoke at a combined small group’s class at Collegeside
                Ate lunch with some partners
                Visited Collegeside for evening service
                Ate dinner with some partners
                Drove to Smyrna, TN to a friend’s home
Monday, March 5th
Day off! Sort of…spent the day catching up on thank you cards, contacting prayer partners, reviewing our schedule, etc.
Ate dinner with some partners
Tuesday, March 6th Kevin attended the Tennessee Mid-South Aviation Seminar, which consists of continuing education sessions to renew the Inspection Authorization (advanced aviation maintenance license).
                Tasha spent the day working on our presentation, PowerPoint, thank you cards, etc.
                Had coffee with one of our partners
Wednesday, March 7th
Early morning meeting for Kevin in Brentwood, then travel to Nashville at 9:30 for the remainder of the Tennessee Mid-South Aviation Conference.
Tasha spent the day working on our presentation, PowerPoint, thank you cards, blog updates, packing, etc.
                Drove to Lobelville, TN for evening service
                Drove to Waverly, TN to spend the evening with family
Thursday, March 8th
                Spend the morning with family, then drive to Nashville for a meeting.
                Evening will be spent with partners.
                Driving back to Smyrna, TN
Friday, March 9th
                Morning is still open.
                Evening will be spent with partners.
Saturday, March 10th
                Day is still open.
Sunday, March 11th
                Speaking at a Sunday School Class in Murphreesboro.
                Travel to Cookeville to spend some more time with the folks at Collegeside.
                Head home.

We really enjoy spending time on the road, it is a lot of work, time and effort, but it is also very rewarding and fun developing and nurturing our friendships. We are so thankful for the friends we have!

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