Friday, January 20, 2012

Updates, Updates, Updates!!!

Sorry for the delay in writing this blog but we have had a busy week! No complaints from us! So, here are some of the updates we would like to fill you in on:
-Our May cultural orientation training at MAF headquarters has officially been postponed. We were worried that because we would attempt to travel by air while I was 37 weeks that we would not be permitted to fly back home. Travel across country by car for a pregnant woman of 37 weeks from Idaho to Tennessee was not an option. So we will go to this training next year as part of our standardized flight and maintenance training.
-Our timeline is looking more complete. Our new agenda is to leave for Canada somewhere in the dates of July 15th – 31st so that we can be there by the beginning of August. This will give us about a month to settle in to our new place/environment and adjust to the change in temperature. This also gives us an idea of when to put our house up for sale to prevent moving a lot with a newborn.
-Baby girl is looking pretty healthy and we are in the process of moving from our OB-GYN to the birthing center. We had our first meeting with a midwife on Wednesday and everything seems to be going well. We have another ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday. They will complete the tests the OB-GYN did not and check her heart, thorax, lungs, and check or a cleft palate.  We are praying for positive news (not that we have had any negative news) and a completely healthy baby.
-We have been working on our house for about 3 weeks now and have made some improvements towards finishing the basement in order to sell the house. We have also met with a realtor to discuss any potential things we might have overlooked.
-My 13 year-old dog Maggie has stopped using her back right leg, the one that was broken during our candidacy this past July while we are gone. The vet has put her on steroids as a last resort to keep her comfortable. She seems to be a fighter, but we know that we only have so much time left with her. Kevin is hoping she will make it to a little closer to when Adah is born.
-We still have not found a home for our two cats. With language school coming up, we know we cannot take our pets to live in a campus dorm. So, we are still passing out fliers and asking random people at every opportunity about pets.  My mother-in-law has graciously volunteered to take care of our other dog Cessna and Maggie if she is still with us. (Shameless plug) So, if you know anyone who wants a cat, please check with us before heading to Petsmart!
-We will be on the road again the second week of February making new connections and building up the relationships from our previous contacts. Please pray for safe travels and few potty breaks!

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