Friday, September 13, 2013

More Flight Videos... Fourth/Fifth week of MAF Standardization

I've been at it again. Maybe I am starting to get the hang of video editing, maybe not. But either way, here is the link to You Tube of week two (and a bit more) of MAF Flight Standardization. For the most part, we get to practice and apply the techniques we learned in week one. Things like short field, Short Take off and Landing (STOL) approaches, terrain flying, emergencies, and the like. With the magic of video editing, you get to go straight to most of the highlights. If I included all of them, the video would be about 30 hours long...

Here is the link, and as always, thanks for watching, praying and joining with us in ministry. If you have any technical aviation questions, please ask, I LOVE to share!

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