Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Travel Update

To bring you up to speed, we traveled to Nampa, Idaho for our final training on Saturday, August 10th. We awoke bright and early at 5 AM, just so we could hit the snooze button and wake up again at 5:15 (we had to start the day off right!) We loaded up Kevin's dad's truck with our 4 pieces of checked baggage, 2 carry-on's, a back-pack, and a diaper a baby! After an uneventful drive, we brought all our luggage in to check in for the flight, only to find a 1.5 hour delay. That delay would bring us into our next airport 30 minutes late for our next flight. So our ticket agent, who was from Mali, Africa, worked hard to get us into Boise as soon as possible. For those who don't know, they speak French in Mali. So once we got done with our introductions, asking about family, etc (as is the typical African custom), we completed the rest of our business in French. That was a nice surprise and gave us some encouragement.

Photo: Checking in and already flight delays and changes. :(
Our original flight plan was Knoxville to Detroit to Minneapolis/St. Paul, to arrive in Boise at 1:50 Mountain time. We were still travelling to Detroit but with a longer lay over, and the next connection was in Salt Lake City with another longer layover. This would put us into Boise at 6:30 (Mountain time). Dealing with the delay for two adults is no problem, with a kiddo however, that is another story. We were hoping to arrive in time for an afternoon nap, instead, we were to arrive for a late bedtime. But we arrived with all of our bags in one place and we were together and safe, so we were grateful.
Adah did AMAZING during the first flight, even getting in an early morning nap. She did FANTASTIC during the first layover, playing with her toys and charming bystanders. We ate an early lunch/late brunch thanks to Delta and she stuffed her face! She did SUPERB during the second flight, inching her way into first class by being her adorable little self!
She was OUTSTANDING during our second layover. We enjoyed a nice little dinner together and played with other waiting children. Unfortunately, our tired little monkey was just about over it during the last flight, that was only 47 minutes long. Luckily, we were in the back of the plane as she fussed. We were simply glad she didn't have a major meltdown.

After arriving in Boise, we met our ride and drove the 30 minutes to Nampa. Adah resumed with her cuteness and entertained everyone in the car now that she had room to stretch her legs. We unloaded and unpacked while Adah attempted to unwind.
We were all asleep by 10 PM (12 EST) and were ready to go the next day again.

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