Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Rest Of The Story

As class began today, I don't think anyone could really pay attention to what was being said.
First, we had our Unveiled class, which is study about Gods heart for his people,  Regardless of nationality, color, race or gender.
It seemed as though the time for our meeting would never come. We gathered in the lunch room at 1 as a
Class to support each other and waited. Finally, it came time for our turn with the committee and our
Assignment was given.

Okay, if you haven't figured it out by the cheesy intro, we received our final acceptance today. We are finally on staff with Mission Aviation Fellowship! When we sat down, the committee exchanged pleasantries with us and gave us some small talk run around, just to keep us on our toes. Finally, they said we had been accepted and wanted us to join their team in Africa. My jaw hit the table! Praise God! I was prepared to hear Indonesia, Haiti, possibly Central Asia, but Africa? That was not one I had even thought of considering! (Tasha promptly covered my mouth with her hand and began thanking the committee) They explained the reasoning behind their decision and everything added up - why hadn't we thought of it before? The majority of week seemed to be based around Indonesia and therefore we assumed that was our destination. Are we upset? NO!!! We are SO excited to be a part of MAF and to have this wonderful opportunity. We do not know where we are going in the continent yet, as MAF is in four countries in the continent and has multiple bases in some countries, so there are still many possibilities.

The next big thing we have to do for Candidacy is "THE CALL". This ominous title in our schedule has captivated us for the majority of our time here, and never knew what it was until yesterday. Our instructor informed us it was a cultural simulation involving 50+ MAF staff who had spent extensive time overseas. The objective was to put us together in a large group and simulate how stressful and different traveling to a third world country can be. They told us to bring a back pack and fill it with what we think we will need. We are still not entirely sure what to expect, but they said it could run anywhere from  in the afternoon until 7, or 8 or 9 or midnight. It will be interesting for sure. More details later.

Tomorrow the  newly minted career staff will lead Wednesday chapel, introducing our class in a game show format. It should be fun. Yours truly is going to lead two hymns and do the closing prayer and then we will go back to class.

This is about it for big news of the day, Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We could not be where we are today without all of you, but most of all, without the Lord God Almighty leading us (and pushing us). Glory to God the Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit, as it was in the Beginning, Now and Forever More. Amen


  1. Two cents from your mother:Be sure to pack water, Tylenol/Ibuprofen,Rx meds, bandaids! Fingernail clippers, chapstick, sunscreen and insect repellent. I am interested in what you ACTUALLY pack...


  2. SOOOOOOOOOOO Excited for you all! That is incredible! Can't wait to hear more.

    (p.s - I posted a few minutes ago on an older post, not realizing the answer to my prayer was just above! LOL Praise God and His perfect plans for our lives.

  3. so exciting... AFRICA!!! I'm so proud of you two and anxiously await more news from you.