Monday, February 20, 2017

Hangar Happenings #4

In Hangar Happenings # 2, I talked about the beginnings of the construction on the new bathroom. Here are some updates to the amazing new bathroom!

The original bathroom access was walled up to make a new wall for one toilet stall. 
The original door to the bathroom is now covered.
A wall was placed inside the toilet area to separate the sentinel shower from the new bathroom. The original space was large enough that shelves were in there and they were used for personal food storage, encouraging an abundance of rats. The sentinels will eventually have new lockers placed in a new common area to replace the dilapidated and water damaged old ones.
Leopold adding a wall between the
Sentinel shower and the new bathroom
After the walls were put up, Leopold placed new tiles.
The walls were plastered and painted.
Matthew placing plaster on the concrete.
Matthew setting up the ceiling fan/light.

For a new sink, Kevin found an old rusted Craftsman tool cabinet. Matthew removed the bottom drawers and cut a hole for a sink.
 Kevin painted it a shiny new red color.

 Matthew found someone to put in new cabinet doors.

 Matthew even came up with the cool idea to use old sockets for handles!

Finished product
Kevin is in the process of welding the doors and Wane will paint them. We will soon have an amazing bathroom!