Friday, January 6, 2017

Hangar Happenings

Right now, the caravan is having a 12-month, 200, 400 and 1600 flight hour inspection all at once. Since I work at the hangar as a parts room specialist (not a real title, but it's catchy!), I get to help in my own way(s) - searching for parts, ordering more parts, keeping inventory on things used, and looking up information for anyone asking. I feel so useful right now! So in my eagerness to express how I get to be a part of my first "inspection," I took some photos of the guys working this week. Enjoy!
Kevin just finished replacing some worn spacers on the Caravans flap

Garth is waist deep inspecting the landing gear

Brett is upgrading the brake system

Kevin tightening something before re-installing the flap

Matt installing an access panel after the flap has been installed.

The inspection continues


Check out one of Kevin's custom built maintenance stands

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