Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

This past week we celebrated our little boy's 2nd birthday! Our amazing kiddo turned 2 on the 11th, so these photos are a week late. We celebrated his actual day of birth privately. Our little boy got to open presents from his grandparents and great aunts while sister was at school. When sister came home, we did all of brother's favorite things - went swimming, watched a movie and enjoyed popcorn, and enjoyed banana bread with whipped cream for dessert. It was a good day.
Two days later, we celebrated with friends. We decided to have a water party for our little "guppy." It was an excellent idea since it is so hot this time of year. We blew up some baby pools and filled them with water, water toys, and kids!
We were able to come up with a plastic sheet (thanks for another MAF family) to use as a "slip n' slide." Both big kids and little ones thought this was absolutely amazing!
 We provided the kids with water guns and let them chase the parents and adults.
After the kids got tired of playing in the water, we ate snacks and had cupcakes. Baby boy loves singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out candles so this was another favorite part for our happy kiddo!

 Overall, it was a great birthday!

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