Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Motherhood Moments #11

Sometimes motherhood looks like this...
Today was the first day of school for our little girl. This year, she will be attending the International Belgium School. She is in the first level of "maternelle" which is equivalent to the "preschool" level in the U.S.
Sweet pea is no stranger when it comes school and when we walked into the room, she went right to her favorite toys...
After exploring the room, she then focused on the kids in her class. We were very lucky that one of her friends, Ruth, is in her class. We were a bit sad that her other friend Abby was in another class, but they were able to play together at recess so all was well in the world again.
Adah and Ruth playing with doll accessories
 After school, we all went out to ice cream together to celebrate our fun day!
Adah, Abby, Elijah, Ruth, and baby Joel
She had so much excitement at school, she came and crashed. Typical three-nager!

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