Thursday, October 23, 2014

Baby Watch 2014

The other day, Kevin and I had our first OB visit together in the states. The news was good. The baby is officially to term (based on best guesses), and the baby's weight is a healthy one safe for delivery. At this point, we are waiting on nature to take its course and for labor to start. I have already started some minor cramping and irregular contractions, so my body is preparing for its job. We are all very excited to meet the newest Spann to join our family but we want to wait for baby to finish cooking.

In the meantime, we have been quite busy with regular doctor's visits (optometrist, dentist, well visits, etc.), shopping for baby supplies, and spending time with family. Sister-to-be on the other hand has been quite the busy girl herself. She has been to parks, the petting zoo, riding on horses, visiting grandparents, eating lots of different foods, and just being a kid who enjoys all sorts of things!

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