Sunday, December 29, 2013

And The Winner Is.....

Okay, it's a little after the 26th, but we do have a winner to our Caption This contest. We have also decided to add prizes for second and third place as well.

The Third Place Award is a 500 Congolese Franc bill.
The award goes to the post from Facebook, "Who is chasing who NOW chicken?!"

The Second place Award, is a 500, a 200, and a 50 Congolese Franc Bill.
The award goes to the post from Facebook, "Yummy payback for stealing my muffin !!!!" 

I should say there is a back story for the second place (and also relevant to third place). But since the original post was in pictures, I will let them speak for themselves:

Although, in the context of these photo's, the second place comment is probably more appropriately, vengefully funny, the competition was for the best stand alone comment...It's there in the fine print somewhere...

See, doesn't that story just melt your heart?

Anyway...And the First Place Award is a 500, a 200, two 100s, and two 50 Congolese Franc Bills.

*Before anyone gets too excited, this is the equivalent of about $1.25.

I should also remind everyone that we were completely unbiased, and awarded points based on the number of laughs whenever we came back and re-read all the entries.

The First Place Award of 1,000 Congolese Francs goes to the Facebook Post "The African version of duck, duck, goose is INTENSE! Should call it cluck...cluck...cluck...FOOD!!!"

Congratulations to all, and please allow several weeks for delivery. Thank you so much participating, and reading our stuff. It makes us feel good to see everyone who participates. Until next time, Bonne Anné!

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