Thursday, April 18, 2013

Moving Update

Guess what?!? We received the official "OK" to move to campus at the end of this term (April 24th)! So, instead of living in an apartment where less than 10% of the inhabitants speak French, we are going to live on campus with French speaking Bible students. God is good and He truly answers prayers! This is such a blessing for us to have that extra time to listen to French and learn as much as possible.
There was an opening for the on campus housing and as of April 26th, we will begin our move. That being said, I have to say a temporary "Au Revoir" to you guys.These next few weeks are going to be full! This week is our last week of classes and the beginning of next week will be our finals for Intermediate French. The end of next week will begin our moving process. We only have one weekend and one car to move all our things to campus. The week after will be our first week of our conversation class plus continuing to move out anything leftover and clean up the empty apartment. The first week of classes will be us adjusting to a new schedule.
So, let us say "Catch you on the flip side",  and enjoy your break from us! :-) I leave you with an adorable picture of Adah the MK helping us stuff boxes!

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