Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Raising our Children in the Way They Should Go

Check out my full guest post at Intentional by Grace. Here is a sneak peak.

As a parent, it is so exciting to imagine what the future holds for our daughter: Will Adah have my height? Will she be sporty like her father? Will she become a missionary or a doctor? Will she have kids of her own one day?
But for every happy moment of day dreaming, there is usually a thought that snaps me back to reality: Will she be stubborn like her dad? Will she be nosy like her mom? Will she repeat the same mistakes we made growing up?
We were all rebellious children in some way. I am sure we have uttered at least one foul word in our lives. I am positive we disobeyed our parents at least twice. And I am more than certain that we told a fib or five. But how can we use this to help our children?
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