Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sanctuaire de Beauvoir

Friday was field trip day. What an exciting day for us! We had the opportunity to go with our fellow classmates to sight-see Quebec while testing out our French skills! We got to visit an historical Catholic Church, Sanctuaire de Beauvoir
This beautiful little church was built in the 1920's (we think that's what she said anyway) and was built completely out of stone...The view isn't bad either! It sits atop a big hill, looking out at the beauty of Canada!
There is a quaint little path behind the sanctuary full of beautiful statues. We only took a few pictures, but I linked a website with some more pictures on this page.
Brrr!!! It is cold!
The "tour guide" was a sweet woman with a beautiful testimony of faith. I did not take her picture but we did enjoy getting to know her better over lunch. Though our teachers requested the woman speak only in French during the tour, she spoke English quite well so during lunch we got to use our native tongue to make sure we got the correct context of what she said.

Here are some pictures of inside the little sanctuary:
The Sacred Heart of Jesus statue
The wall is lined with crutches given up after a miraculous healing!
Beautiful stained glass window!
We had such an great day learning about the history and some of the culture here in Quebec! The school has us go on these outings for several reasons. Firstly, it re-enforces the French we do know. Second, it builds up our courage and faith in our abilities to be able to communicate in another language. Third, these trips help us to understand more about the culture so we can be more effective in relating to the people here. We are not just focused on the future ministry in Africa, but ministry where ever we go so we can be servants of Him. Fourth, they are fun. That never hurts either.

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